Rewards Highlights

Surveys are worth points, and every point counts!

MyView Panel members earn points for the surveys they take. Earn enough points and you can use those points to redeem for a wide variety of digital and physical gift vouchers.

Spend your points online with an e-gift voucher, or redeem your points for a wide variety of physical gift vouchers, and have them mailed to your door - it's up to you!

Points add up fast - most surveys are worth 100 to 300 points and members get an average of 4 surveys each month.

For more information click here to see Our Points Program.

What can I spend my points on?

You can spend your points on a wide variety of different rewards - including instant digital rewards that are sent straight to your email inbox, and physical gift cards that are mailed to your address.

Check out our rewards page for an up to date look at all the rewards we have on offer!

In addition to earning points, every time you attempt a survey you get an entry into our monthly prize draw!

Every month we give away $2000 in MyView points! Each survey you attempt gives you another chance in our monthly prize draw.

1 x 100 000 MyView Points
5 x 20 000 MyView Points

Total value of all prizes: AUD$2,000.00 in MyView Points
Check out our Winners!

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