Get paid doing surveys online

Get paid doing surveys online

Get paid doing surveys online with MyView Australia, one of Australia’s leading consumer survey companies.

You get paid in MyView points for undertaking surveys online and then you can redeem these points for store gift cards and I Tunes prepaid cards, which of course you can use these gift cards to buy goods and services with.

MyView also has a monthly $2,000 CASH prize draw that once registered, you will be entered in automatically.

Registration is free and MyView Australia are always looking for people to join their consumer research panel so why don’t you register today and get paid doing surveys online with MyView Australia.

The registration doesn’t take too long and in it we will ask you some questions about you and your family. We do this so that we can send you the sorts of surveys you would be more interested in.

When we email you through an online survey, we will tell you how long the survey is expected to take, so you can decide if you would like to do the survey now, later or not at all. Some surveys will take less than 10-minutes, some can take 30-minutes or more!

Surveys cover all sorts of topics and products and services and the most important thing to us is that you give us your opinion. Topics are varied, such as health issues an/d products, preferred holiday destinations, your shopping habits, what you look for in a washing powder... the list is endless!

But of course besides giving us your opinions and getting paid to do surveys online you can, if you choose, donate your points to a number of charities we support.

So please register with MyView Australia today, registration is free and we will automatically enter you in the monthly prize draw and then start to send you through online surveys!

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