Redeeming points

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You can redeem the points you earn for vouchers, physical gift cards and charity donations. You must have at least 1000 - 2000 points in your account to redeem depending on the reward.

You can redeem your points at any time by signing in to our website and clicking the Rewards menu, where you will be able to see what rewards are available and how many points are required for each option. You can filter by type of reward, such as 'e-voucher' or 'gift card'. You can also search what you're after. Click on 'View more rewards' button at the bottom of the page to load more options.

Once you've decided, simply select the amount you'd like in the field, scroll to the bottom and click on 'Add items to your cart'.

When you've finished, at the top of the page you can see what's in your cart - click on 'Your Cart' button to checkout.

When you order, be sure to check the address information we have on file to ensure we're sending your redemption item to the right place!

Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery of all physical gift cards (+ an extra 2 weeks during the Christmas period). These are sent via regular mail.
E-vouchers are sent via email and usually take 5 minutes for the voucher code to be delivered. (Be sure to check your junk mail folder)

Your MyView Money eGift card will arrive in your email inbox after about 5 minutes. This gives you time to cancel it if you made a mistake, but still allows you to get your reward quickly! Please note, occasionally (due to mulitple orders, time differences and special occasions) there may be delays. If your card has still not arrived by 48 hours, please contact member services.

There are two parts to the redemption process for egifts.
1. Redemptions made via MyView Rewards page - email is sent containing unique voucher code, within 5mins (up to 24hrs)
2. Code entered into either GiftPax or MyViewMoney website - email is sent containing the egift (MyViewMoney) within 20mins (up to 48hrs). GiftPax gift cards are mailed to your address.

Once you have selected your egift at step 2, the status in your MyView account does not apply - the request is sent to an external supplier to fulfill the order. Please contact the relevant supplier of your egift (below) if you have already completed step 2, waited the appropriate time and checked your junk mail folder.

MyViewMoney egifts: by phone 1300 737 968 or email

Shortly after having placed an order, you can still cancel it. To cancel an order, go to My Points Account section, that you can find by clicking on the tab marked with a star, on the upper right corner, next to the profile picture. If a cancel button appears in the order status column, you may cancel your order.

If you do not see the "cancel" button, then your order has already been processed by our supplier, and we cannot cancel it anymore.

Sign into our website and go to the My Points Account page that you can find by clicking on the tab marked with a star, on the upper right corner, next to the profile picture. A description of your order, order number and order status will be displayed together with other information regarding your activity in the community (survey history, loyalty points, other orders etc.).

For electronic vouchers you'll find the expiry date in the email containing the actual code.

Gift vouchers are usually valid for 12 months, but to be sure, please check the expiry date printed on them.

Vouchers and gift certificates are subject to the terms and conditions (policies, redemptions, expiration dates) established by the issuing retailer and are subject to change.


Your points do not expire as long as you remain an active member of MyView. If you unsubscribe from the community or if your membership is terminated, then your points account will be closed. Any points remaining in your account longer than 30 days from termination will be forfeited.

An inactive community member is someone who has not responded to any survey invitations for a while, in which case MyView reserves the right to deactivate their membership. If your membership is deactivated, any points remaining in your account will be forfeited 30 days after your account is closed.

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